POM Regrind from zipper Teeth , industry lump, industry runner


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POM Regrind from zipper Teeth, industry lump, industry runner

Definition of POM resin (polyformaldehyde resin): polyformaldehyde is a linear polymer without side chain, high density and high crystalline properties. According to different chemical structures in the molecular chain, there are two types of homoformaldehyde and copolymers. of both types of polyformaldehyde density, high crystallinity, melting point, but thermal stability, the treatment temperature range is narrow (about 10oC), slightly lower in acid and alkali stability; The density of formaldehyde, melting point, strength and copolymer is lower, but good thermal stability, not easy to decompose, wide range of treatment temperature (about 50oC), acid and alkali stability are good . Plastic has excellent all-round performance. Good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially with excellent friction resistance. It is commonly referred to as steel or strip, which is the general engineering plastic third. Suitable for reducing wear on parts, transmitters, chemicals, tools and other parts.

One of the synthetic resins, also known as polyformaldehyde resin, POM resin and steel, etc. This is a kind of white or black plastic resin with high hardness, high steel and high wear resistance. Used for gears, bearings, auto parts, machine tools, tools, etc.


POM Regrind from zipper Teeth , industry lump, industry runner
SPECIFICATIONfrom zipper Teeth , industry lump, industry runner,Qty per month 52 mt
PackagingJumbo Bag
Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days


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