EPS Recycled Pellets


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   of OriginJapan
  Original ProductRecycled Pellets
  GradeMFI: 20-30
  TypePost Industrial Waste
  ApplicationEPS products
  AppearanceRecycled Pellets
  Supply Ability50 Metric Tons per Month
  Processing Time15 - 20 days
  PackagingJumbo Bag
  Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days

EPS Recycled Pellets

- EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is the name of the expanded Polystyrene, produced in the form of granules containing flammable Bentan (C5H12) gas. EPS particles have a composition of 90 - 95% Polystyrene and 5 - 10% of gas generators such as pentane or carbon dioxide. Through the process, EPS enlargement granules increase the size of the adhesive, and when put into production, they will be formed into products depending on the purpose of use.

- Production process: Primary EPS seeds are expanded through the temperature of 90°C to expand 20 to 50 times. Next, put in the mold (block) heated (100°C) with the appropriate time to produce EPS foam - EPS plastic also known as EPS foam.

- Product Foam - EPS plastic shaped from the size of the blooming so in the volume M3 contains from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 small sticky honeycomb-like particles, in each small particle cell after hatching contains 98% of the Air, which has the advantages of thermal insulation, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Characteristics of EPS

+ Absorb impulse and withstand good compressive force: very effective when used as packaging to protect goods, electronics, fragile materials, scratches ...

+ High strength, not affected by mold, temperature and dust: protect products very well during storage and transportation.

+ Insulation, soundproofing: EPS plastic helps keep food fresh, avoiding condensation. Ensure foods such as seafood, vegetables ... are distributed and transported safely while still ensuring the freshness and inherent shape.

+ Light weight: 98% is gas, EPS is considered as the lightest packaging ever.

+ Flexible, versatile, versatile: EPS plastic packaging can be designed according to usage requirements, suitable for devices from small to large. Now with the help of computer engineering, EPS packaging is designed and manufactured to fit the user's requirements.

Uses of EPS plastic

+ With outstanding properties and low cost of use, EPS plastic has been widely used in many different fields such as: Insulation - Sound insulation - Anti-heat - Noise reduction of modern Construction and Industry , food and pharmaceutical packaging; electronic packaging EPS , glass and china crockery, boxes of vegetables, frozen seafood and impact-resistant packaging, consumer goods, helmets, etc.

+ Used in building houses in the form of villas or high-rise buildings, replacing traditional materials because it has the advantage of being a lightweight material, having good thermal insulation properties, thus saving the cost of electricity.

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