HIPS mix ABS Regrind


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  Place of OriginJapan
  Material55% HIPS - 45% ABS
  Original ProductHousehold products
  ColorMix color
  TypePost Industrial Waste
  ApplicationInjection Product
  Supply Ability150 Metric Tons per Month
  Processing Time15 - 20 days
  PackagingJumbo Bag
  Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days

HIPS mix ABS Regrind

Thermoplastics PS has two representatives, GPPS and HIPS. In particular, PS HIPS plastic is the most popular to many advantages and applications. HIPS belongs to the group of hard, transparent resins that are easy to create color, processed by laminating film lamination and easy laminating technology.


HIPS pellet stands for High Impact Polystyrene. Polystyrene has the chemical formula Polystyrene (C8H8)n which is a long chain hydrocarbon in which alternating carbon centers are attached to the phenyl group (the name given to the aromatic benzene ring).

HIPS resins mainly use the technology of laminating and film forming process. Polystyrene is usually injected, vacuum formed, or extruded, while polystyrene expands either extruded or cast in a special process.

Applications of HIPS resins:

- In packaging technology used as single-layer packaging for products that it do not require strict antioxidant protection.
- Making HIPS plastic film to increase the water vapor and vapor barrier.
- Making printing surface to increase printing ability, making outer plastic packaging thanks to the ability to tear easily and create gloss.
- Making bottle caps, pen covers, jewelry boxes, beer safes, and fresh food containers.
- Making pharmaceutical bottles, HIPS pipes, caps of solvent containers.
- Making high-frequency insulating materials, electrical insulating clamps.
- Making artificial leather sandals and woven packages.
- Student's desks and chairs, pressing motorcycle parts, yogurt cups, plastic candy trays.

Methods to distinguish HIPS resins and other advanced resins

- Based on color, transparency of the sample.
- Choose solution to dissolve one substance without dissolving the other.
- Compare density by hydrostatic weighing method.
- Comparison based on the mechanical properties of resins.
- Comparison based on thermal properties. The glassware temperature of PS and PA is 50 and 1000C.
- Use the Ruth diffraction method to compare. PA resin has crystal peak, while PS plastic is amorphous material.

ABS Regrind and Lump

ABS resin with the name AYRYLONITRILE BUTADIENE STYRENE, derived from petroleum, is a polymer made from 3 types of monomer: acrylonitrile, butadiene and Styrene. ABS plastic scrap is pale yellow or ivory, certain toughness, resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion of strong salts, so it is widely used in engineering plastic industries.

Characteristics of ABS resin

ABS high synthesis, stable size but easy to form. Widely used in the fields of information, digital, office equipment, electrical appliances ...

General mechanical properties of HIPS mix ABS Regrind

- Good chemical resistance
- Good fluidity, easy to cast

Application areas:

- Office equipment such as copiers, printer ...
- Electrical appliances such as televisions, phones, refrigerators, washing machines ...
- Loudspeaker enclosures, DVD case enclosures, computer enclosures, learning machines, recorders, digital cabinets, telephone keypads ...

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