GPPS Recycled Pellets


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 Place of OriginGermany
 Original ProductRecycled Pellets
MFI: 10
Density: 1.04/1.05
Bulk Density: 0.64
 TypePost Industrial Waste
 ApplicationGPPS products
 AppearanceRecycled Pellets
 Supply Ability50 Metric Tons per Month
 Processing Time15 - 20 days
 PackagingJumbo Bag
 Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days

GPPS Recycled Pellets

Thermoplastics PS has two representatives, GPPS and HIPS. In particular, PS HIPS plastic is the most popular to many advantages and applications. HIPS belongs to the group of hard, transparent resins that are easy to create color, processed by laminating film lamination and easy laminating technology.

PS resin, whose full name is Polystyrene, is made of Styrene polymerization.

PS is a transparent hard plastic PS , colorless, tasteless, easy to color, easy to process.

PS resins have very low molecular weight, low durability, and lower durability when at high temperatures, very brittle. High strength when molecular weight increases. At temperatures of 80 degrees C or higher, the plastic will be sticky like rubber.

PS resin is only used at temperatures lower than 80 degrees Celsius.

Density 1.05-1.06 g / cm³.

PS plastic is widely produced and popularized in many fields such as making foam cans, food trays, CDs, and is a safe material that should be used to produce children's toys, computer cases, computers, office furniture such as pen cases, plastic covers, tables and chairs, making certain parts in industries, and can replace some other materials to save costs. price due to high strength PS plastic and cheap price.

GPPS resin is also called General Purpose Polystyrene used to make cosmetic bottles, propellers, confectionery boxes, confectionery. Depending on the technical requirements as well as the price of the product, PS plastic is synthesized with other additives to meet the production needs of the appropriate product.

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