ABS Regrind ,Yes No Fr, NO pc abs, no iron, no circuit etc


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ABS Regrind ,Yes No Fr, NO pc abs, no iron, no circuit etc

ABS has excellent mechanical properties, excellent impact resistance and can be used at extremely low temperatures. ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability and oil resistance, and can be used for bearings under medium loads and speeds. ABS's creep resistance is greater than PSF and PC, but smaller than PA and POM. The flexural and compressive strength of ABS are poor in plastics. The mechanical properties of ABS are greatly influenced by temperature.

ABS is flammable material and belongs to HB class according to UL94 standard. ABS burns quickly when ignited, and emits a lot of toxic gases and black smoke, which is not conducive to practical application. With the advancement of science and technology and improving the quality of life, everyone's safety awareness is getting stronger. The domestic and foreign countries have put in place strict fire and flame retardant requirements for plastic materials used in automobiles, construction, home appliances, office supplies, etc., and made corresponding technology. Standards and specifications, so research on ABS flame retardants has a very important meaning.


ABS Regrind ,Yes No Fr, NO pc abs, no iron, no circuit etc
SPECIFICATIONRegrind Abs from post consumer materials ,Yes No Fr, NO pc abs, no iron, no circuit etc. Qty per month 1 container 26 mt
PackagingJumbo Bag
Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days


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