PET Off-Spec Pellets (Natural)


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  Place of OriginSaudi Arabia
  Original ProductVirgin Pellets
  GradeBottle (0,64-0,68 IV)
  TypePost Industrial Waste
  ApplicationPET Bottle or Fabic
  AppearanceOff-grade Pellets
  Supply Ability500 Metric Tons per Month
  Processing Time15 - 20 days
  PackagingJumbo Bag
  Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days

PET Off-Spec Pellets (Natural)

What is PET plastic?

Polyethylene terephthalate (called PET, PETE or PETP or PET-P) is a thermoplastic, belongs to the Polyester plastic and is used in synthetic fibers, beverage containers, food and other pressable liquids. Spraying to shape and often combined with fiberglass in industry.

Characteristics of PET Resin

- PET is a thermoplastic resin, a plastic that melts into a liquid under the action of high temperatures and hardens when cooled. Thermoplastics have more than 40 types, and thermoplastics were widely used in 1900. In the common thermoplastic plastic, PET plastic belongs to the technical plastic line, besides there are similar plastic lines with PET such as: Polyoxymethylen (POM), (Poly acetate), Polycarbonate (PC), Polyamide (PA), ( Nylon), Polyethylene, terephthalate (PBT), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

- PET resins have high mechanical strength, are able to withstand tear force and impact force, high abrasion resistance, high rigidity.

- PET plastic is inert with a transparent and food environment.

- PET O2 and CO2 resins better than other plastic.

When heated to 200ºC or cooled at - 90ºC, the chemical structure of the PET circuit remains the same, the vapor barrier remains unchanged when the temperature is around 100ºC.

Application of PET Plastic

- Due to its high waterproofing, PET plastic is used as bottles, containers of pure water, carbonated soft drinks. In addition, in the production of shaped plastic, PET Off-Spec is also widely used in the manufacture of plastic food trays thanks to its air permeability and safety at high temperatures.

- Widely used in textile, paper machinery, food, transportation, seaports, healthcare, mining, chemicals and industries.

- Bearing parts, pump parts, casing covers, plugs, pistons, screws, fasteners in food, spare parts, precision machinery, bearings, insulating materials, subject to high loads.

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