Dear our Beloved Customers,


We are 2Lians Recycling Pte. Ltd. – International Trading Company. With many years of combined resin and recycling expertise, we’ve been buying, processing and selling commodity and engineering grade plastic materials.  

We love the Earth so we find the way to save the Earth. We are rethinking the recycling business and we believe we can all make a difference. 

Start with a team of experienced professionals, maintain a solid financial base and excellent credit, operate ethically and with integrity, treat people fairly and do what we say we’ll do, embrace diversity and think creatively, developing long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers.

Our team of experts specializes in international or domestic freight and can arrange a seamless shipment on water or land.

We do 100% online jobs. So we deduct all those unnecessary costs to your product price. We want to save money for you. By our way: exceptional quality, regular quantity, worldwide shipping, cost transparency, satisfied guarantee, with your 100% trust.

Our proudly job is to bring as much as scraps to recycled factories every single day.

We facilitates environmentally smart recycling programs that help our partners contribute to a greener world. Please Recycle!



2Lians Recycling Pte. Ltd.