PVC Soft Mix Color


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  Place of Origin 
  MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride [PVC]
  Original ProductPVC Soft Mix Color
  TypeFactory Waste
  ApplicationPVC Recycled Pipe, Window, Board,...
  AppearanceWindow Regrind
  CertificatesJapan Basel Approved
  Supply Ability200 Metric Tons per Month
  Processing Time15 - 20 days
  PackagingJumbo Bag
  Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days

PVC Soft Mix Color

PVC is one of the most commonly used materials today, and it is an indispensable material in industries. In addition, PVC is also used to replace some other materials to reduce costs.

So what is PVC? Why is PVC so popular?

PVC with the full name Polyvinyl Chloride was created the earliest in the plastic industry's history from the synthetic vinylCloride when exposed to sunlight.


Physical properties of PVC Soft Mix Color

PVC is a white or yellow powder.

Exists with 2 forms are:

- Suspension (PVC.S - PVC Suspension) with a large particle size of 20 - 150 microns.
- Emulsion (PVC.E - PVC Emulsion) has high fineness.
Non-toxic PVC, toxic only when adding additives. Poor selection, to increase the impact PVC will be mixed with MBS, ABS ..
PVC is well insulated, when PVC is used as an insulating material, it is more flexible to facilitate processing, creating toughness.

1. Hard PVC

- It is a synthetic PVC made from powder with additives, heat-stabilizing agents, lubricants, etc. and heated to a temperature of about 160 to 180 degrees Celsius.
- PVC is often used to make cables, depending on the cable classification, PVC is coated with some additives according to different degrees of heat resistance.
- PVC used for cables is often mixed with flame retardant additives to increase safety.

2. PVC film

Including rigid, semi-rigid and soft films depending on the plasticization content of PVC such as Hexamoll DINCH, DOP ..
PVC film plastic is used as product packaging, packaging, raincoats.

3. UPVC bar

Also known as Unplasticized PVC, including substances such as Arylic Polymers that provide durability, stabilizers for heat resistance and UV protection, wax for surface polishing.

High temperature resistant plastic, melting point is 1000 degrees Celsius, heat resistant but not burning.
Used to make PVC sheet, PVC partition, window, Arylic plastic sheet ...

Important application of PV Soft Mix Color in life

PVC is commonly used in life fields such as:
+ Producing toys for children, medical equipment, especially blood bags.
+ PVC is used to make water pipes in irrigation systems
+ PVC is also used to make floor carpets
+ PVC is used for making wire, cable, water trough packing, packaging materials, cushions, banners, raincoats and textile products ... ..
+ Bring in a lot of outstanding advantages, PVC is also used to produce furniture.
+ Wire and cable.

PVC is used to make plastic pipes. PVC pipes are often used to make water pipes, convey liquids, from small households to large organizations. And from the properties of PVC, plastic pipes are divided into two types:

- Hard plastic pipes called uPVC do not contain plasticizers.

- Soft PVC pipes are mixed with plasticizer such as DOP.

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