PVC Powder Emusion Grade


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  Place of OriginJapan
  MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride [PVC]
  Original ProductPVC Powder Emusion Grade
  TypeFactory Waste
  ApplicationPVC Recycled Pipe, Window, Board,...
  AppearanceWindow Regrind
  CertificatesJapan Basel Approved
  Supply Ability200 Metric Tons per Month
  Processing Time15 - 20 days
  PackagingJumbo Bag
  Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days


PVC Powder Emusion Grade

PVC is one of the most commonly used materials today, and it is an indispensable material in industries. In addition, PVC is also used to replace some other materials to reduce costs.
PVC has very poor strength, so in order to increase the impact resistance as well as ensure the durability of the product, people often add additives such as ABS, MBS .... toughness, plasticizers. PVC is the third most produced and consumed PVC in the world after PE and PP plastics.

PVC Powder Emusion Grade

1. Types of PVC are commonly used nowaday

Basically, PVC is divided into 2 types and the most commonly used are:
+ Hard plastic (uPVC) - plastic that does not contain plasticizing additives.
+ PVC plastic - a kind of plastic mixed with plasticizer additives.
These two resins are commonly used in daily life and can make many different product lines.

2. Important application of PVC Powder Emusion Grade in daily life.

PVC is widely used in all areas of life:
+ Producing toys for childrens, medical equipment, especially blood bags.
+ PVC is used to make water pipes in irrigation systems.
+ PVC is also used to make floor carpets.
+ PVC is used for making wire, cable, water trough packing, packaging materials, cushions, banners, raincoats and textile products ... ..
+ Bring in a lot of outstanding advantages, PVC is also used to produce furniture.

3. What is PVC film?

PVC films are abbreviated as Poliviny chloride - they are products of PVC but they are flexible plastic made by blowing or laminating process on the machine.
PVC film has transparent properties and mirror.

3.1 Classification of PVC film

PVC films are very diverse in types and are classified based on factors such as hardness, plasticity. Especially, the plasticity of plastic film will depend on the content of plastic chemicals combined with PVC in production such as DOP, Hexamoll, TXIB ...
Plastic films are divided into the following basic types:

+ Rigid plastic films: The main component of rigid PVC films is PVC film powder with heat stabilizers, additives, lubricants and no chemicals mixed together. Then it is pureed in extruder, rolled at 1600 - 1800 degrees Celsius. PVC rigid plastic film is mostly used to make water, petrol and gas pipes at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.

+ Soft plastic film: plastic film is manufactured like hard PVC film but with more plastic chemicals. They are often used to produce products that are flexible, soft when lowering the temperature, especially thin films such as foam, imitation leather, coating ...

3.2 Advantages and disadvantages of PVC film

Advantages of PVC

Soft flexible PVC film
PVC film has transparent properties, soft, thin, waterproof and steam-proof outer shell, low ability to prevent oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the product carries many outstanding advantages and is widely applied in life.
+ PVC film helps prevent dirt and light in places frequently exposed to the dirt environment.

+ PVC film is used flexibly in many industries such as making curtains with frequent access areas in large numbers.
+ Used to prevent heat, UV intensity, energy to help avoid hot, cold heat during opening. Especially where the door can not be used or fixed doors installed.
+ Ability to reduce noise well
+ Price, installation and maintenance costs are quite cheap and do not require too high technical requirements when installing to help save maximum costs.

Disadvantages of PVC film

Despite bringing many outstanding advantages, PVC film still has some disadvantages as follows:
+ Products made of PVC film will be damaged, stretched in contact with chemicals, detergents or aromatic oils such as Alcool, H2O2, Aceton ....
+ Although PVC film has good heat resistance, it is only below 230 degrees C. If the product is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it will be deformed and the durability will not be guaranteed.
+ Long-term use will affect human health.

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