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  Place of OriginJapan
  MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride [PVC]
  Original ProductPVC IC Tube
  TypeFactory Waste
  ApplicationPVC Recycled Pipe, Window, Board,...
  AppearanceWindow Regrind
  CertificatesJapan Basel Approved
  Supply Ability200 Metric Tons per Month
  Processing Time15 - 20 days
  PackagingJumbo Bag
  Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the earliest man-made synthetic materials and has the longest history in industrial production. In 1835, for the first time Henri Regnault synthesized vinyl chloride (VC), the main raw material to make PVC. Polyvinyl chloride was first observed in 1872 by Baumann when exposed to vinyl test tubes containing vinylcloride in sunlight, the resulting product had a white powder form and its chemical properties were not determined.

Forty years later, 1912 was the year when PVC was recognized as discovered by Iwan Ostromislensky (Russia), in fact that same year Fritz Klatte (Germany) announced a PVC production process.

However, this new polymer has not been applied and not paid much attention, because it is unstable, hard and difficult to process. In 1926, when Dr. Waldo Semon discovered the method of plasticizing PVC, this was only the first breakthrough to overcome the disadvantages of PVC processing. Subsequent research and inventions on PVC stabilizers were published.

Until 1933, many types of PVC were synthesized in the United States and Germany, but it was not until 1937 that PVC was manufactured on a full-scale industrial scale in Germany and later in the United States.

Reclaimed PVC resins

PVC recycled resin stands for polivinyl chloride regenerated plastic pellets.
In the recycling process, PVC is mixed with some additives such as thermostats, agents: UV absorption, lubrication, plasticizer, processing aid, hardening, impact resistance, fire resistance, baking powder to match the features of each product type. The products of PVC recycled plastic are widely applied for their properties and high profitability.
Reclaimed PVC resins are used in the production of packaging (PVC films), various types of civil and industrial tubing, washers for equipment, etc.

Important application of PVC IC Tube in life

PVC is commonly used in life fields such as:
+ Producing toys for children, medical equipment, especially blood bags.
+ PVC is used to make water pipes in irrigation systems
+ PVC is also used to make floor carpets
+ PVC is used for making wire, cable, water trough packing, packaging materials, cushions, banners, raincoats and textile products ... ..
+ Bring in a lot of outstanding advantages, PVC IC Tube is also used to produce furniture.
+ Wire and cable.

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