PA66 GF regrind black color


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T/T: A telegraphic transfer (T/T) is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. Telegraphic transfers are also known as telex transfers, abbreviated T/T; T/Ts can also refer to other types of transfers.

L/C: An L/C at sight is a letter of credit (L/C) that is payable immediately – within five to ten days – after the seller meets the requirements of the letter of credit.

PA66 GF regrind black color 

Pa6 / pa66 is mainly applied as follows:

1. Improves nylon water absorption and improves size stability of the product.

2. Improved nylon fire resistance to meet the requirements of electronics, electrical, communications and other industries.

3. Improved mechanical strength of nylon to achieve the strength of metal materials, metal replacement.

4. Improves nylon low-temperature resistance and enhanced resistance to environmental stress.

5. Improves nylon wear resistance to meet high wear resistance requirements.

6. Improves nylon antistatic properties to meet its extraction requirements and mechanical applications.

7. Improves nylon heat resistance to adapt to high temperature conditions such as car engines.

8. Reduce nylon cost and improve product competitiveness.

Through the above modification, high performance and functionalization of nylon composite materials are realized, thereby promoting the development of industries involving high performance and high quality.


PA66 GF regrind black color
GRADEBlack color
SPECIFICATIONGF50. 1 full container available
PackagingJumbo Bag
Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days


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