Occ Brown Waste Paper Scrap For Recycle


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Place of OriginJAPAN, US, EUROPE
Product GroupOCC
MaterialsCorrugated Cardboard
Minimum Order20 Tons
Payment TermT/T 50/50 and L/C 100% at sight
Shipping LinesOcean shipping
Estimate Lead Time15 - 20 days
Shipping OriginTokyo, Yokohama, Hamburg, New York, Long Beach
Supplying CapacityWeight 20-23MT per 40HQ container
PackagingRoll of 25KG , 50, or 100KG

Occ Brown Waste Paper Scrap

To make paper from wood, the main task is to loosen the cross-links, and allow the cellulose fibers to reorient into thin sheets.  The cross-links are broken by cooking the pulp in a digester with chemicals (typically sulfides, accounting for the characteristic odor of pulp mills.  Thorough digestion can separate the lignin component entirely. The best quality paper, like white office paper, will have most of the lignin removed.  In addition, the fiber can be bleached, often with chlorine. 

Lower grades of paper, like newsprint, will retain much of the lignin, and will have in consequence an off-white color and rougher texture.  In any case, the production of paper fiber from wood is energy intensive, and produces air emissions and wastewater effluent containing toxic compounds. 

Using recycled fiber avoids the most serious impacts of the papermaking process.If high grade paper is kept separate from other grades, it can be used in the production of more high grade paper, and is thus of higher value. Mixed high and low grade paper can only be used for low-end products. 

Occ Brown Waste Paper Scrap For Recycle

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