Mixed Waste Paper Making Carton Boxes


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Place of OriginJAPAN, US, EUROPE
MaterialsFeature : Eco Friendly
ApplicationIndustrial Use : Making Carton Boxes, Making For Pulp, Paper Recycling
TypePaper Waste
Minimum Order20 Tons
Payment TermT/T 50/50 and L/C 100% at sight
Shipping LinesOcean shipping
Estimate Lead Time15 - 20 days
Shipping OriginTokyo, Yokohama, Hamburg, New York, Long Beach
Supplying Capacity200 tons/month
PackagingBale (1.2-1.4 Tons/Bale), 20-25 Tons loading 40FT container

Structure of common types of carton packaging

- The outer layer: used papers of white, yellow, brown. Usually the paper substances have a high hardness, gloss and color to increase the aesthetics of the product.

Mixed Waste Paper Making Carton Boxes

- The middle layer: the layers of corrugated paper and grooves. Serves as a cushion to help the product become durable against bumps.

- Bottom layer: common paper or hard paper to increase the supporting role for the product.

Mixed Waste Paper

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