Kraft Paper Cartoon Box Scrap


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Place of Origin JAPAN, US, EUROPE
Product Group OCC
Materials Kraft Paper
Color Brown
Unit Ton/Tons
Minimum Order 20 Tons
Payment Term T/T 50/50 and L/C 100% at sight
Shipping Term Ocean
Estimate Lead Time 15 - 20 days
Shipping Origin Tokyo, Yokohama, Hamburg, New York, Long Beach
Supplying Capacity 200 tons/month
Packaging 1.2 - 1.4 tons/bale

Corrugated cardboard is a quality product with advanced technology that helps bring utility applications in everyday life. Corrugated cardboard paper is a product commonly used today. This material has become one of the diverse applications in life.

This is a type of corrugated paper of different paper thickness. Main components are plain paper and corrugated paper.

Depending on the thickness, the paper will have one or more layers of corrugated paper overlapping. This product is often used to produce all kinds of carton boxes, as lining goods and as partitions ...

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