HIPS Regrind White-Mix


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HIPS Regrind White-Mix 

Thermoplastic PS has two representatives as GPPS and HIPS resin. In particular, PS HIPS plastic is more popular thanks to many advantages and applications. PS HIPS belongs to the group of hard, transparent resins that are easy to color, machined by suction lamination method and easy injection technology.

Common HIPS applications:

In packaging technology, it is used as a single-layer packaging for products that do not require strict antioxidant requirements.
Make coating HIPS plastic film to increase water vapor and gas resistance.
Making a printing surface to increase printing ability, making the outer plastic packaging with the ability to tear easily and create gloss.
Making bottle caps, pen cases, jewelry boxes, beer tanks, fresh food containers.
Making pharmaceutical bottles, pipes, cap for solvent containers.
Making high-frequency insulating materials, insulation clamps.
Making imitation leather sandals, textile packaging.
Pressing students' tables and chairs, pressed motorcycle details, yogurt cup, plastic candy tray.


HIPS Regrind White-Mix
TYPERegrind White-Mix
SPECIFICATIONProduct- HIPS regrind post production from Yogurt caps Contamination – up to 2% foil metalizing (cover of the yogurt caps). Food grade material Post - industrial Sheet Extrusion & Vacuum forming
PackagingJumbo Bag
Est. Shipping Time15, 30, 45 days


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